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There has always been a very short connection between the word 'PIE' and the comfort neurons within my brain.  It is an ongoing joke that if I see, hear, smell anything that is of PIE, I exclaim "PIE!" very loudly to denote my joy. My very own touch of Tourette? Perhaps, but I'll own it!
Quirky....ok. However.....Recently, in watching a spiritual consciousness kind of film, "Three Magic Words" on Netflix the PIE association finally made sense for me.  Big emphasis on Finally. 
The film itself is a yawner - poorly put together, actors needing to practice in the mirror a LOT more, as well as questionable or very low production budget.  But the message behind it is Golden - the Oneness of God and the Universe is incorporated within each of us.  At least that message is brought forth in an understandable perspective that got my attention - bringing on the smiles. 
Within that 'message' that is the Truth of who we are and why we are here - they also explained how our energy - our bodies - our Being is all tied into the Pi formula!  Over, and over and over again, the Pi sequence is found working within us, energetically, chemically, physically - from the time we were award winning 'swimmers' to the present. 
Apparently, I'm still VERY proud to have won that 'swimming' race, and am ready to help others to swim through the energies that would hold them back.  The joy within the word 'PIE' takes on a higher meaning and energy for me now....rejoice in your own Pi experience!
Had I known this, would my spiritual business have been called PI?  Probably - because it certainly does have my energy. Oooooooo.
I'm bringing dessert to a friends house next weekend....what do you suppose I'm going to bring?  :-)