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Kath with light energetic force with her @ Dragonphli Sanctuary
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Kath with light energetic force with her @ Dragonphli Sanctuary

Click on the facebook link below to see the picture taken in candle light at the Sanctuary on 10-9-13.  The light energy in front of me was felt very strongly, but was not seen by the naked eye. 
We had an amazing 'Jammie Party' with we three Psychic Mediums - the energy in the room was charged and full.....at one point I was startled to see a large dark form RIGHT next to me and when I acknowledged it, it quickly scampered away.  I was in the middle of a past life regression with one of the ladies - so didn't say anything.  When finished, Barbara, the lady taking notes on the other side of the table asked us if we saw that large form scamper away!  I never remark on those things, thinking no one sees what I see.....so I was TICKLED PINK to have that acknowledged. 
Plain and simple fact is that it was another talented medium that could not attend in person, checking in 'remotely'.  NO doubt in my mind!  She was welcomed, but had already left - probably as startled to have been detected, as we were in seeing her!
The light form in the picture attached to the link below had nothing to do with the form seen next to me - it was and is the energy of a guide that works with me - and appeared almost like a magic wand, waiting to be picked up by me. 
I Love this work.  :-)
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