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New Office, New Offerings


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New Office, New Offerings

Well - long time, NO Blog - sorry about that.  The GOOD news is that my move to my new office is finally complete.  Who would have thought that it would take 2 months to acquire the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of this new move, and then make them come together,  so slowly?   It is a GOOD thing, though, and the right thing, within the right time, to come about.
With my new, larger space, there will be events to share with you - having outside teachers and trainers utilize this space for the many in this area.  I'm excited to be able to put this part of my dream together....as well as the opportunity to work with an amazing guide that had been waiting for me to be ready to work with him directly, instead of keeping him in the background.  What a waste of talent.  :-)  Once I get back from another VACATION, I'll be RARING to go.  I'll keep you posted on the changes and upcoming events.
Be sure to check out the link on my website about the Inner Sanctuary Training course coming up - it's the beginning of something big, something new for the Sanctuary.  Hope to see you there!