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What's the last thinga bug sees when it hits your windshield?  We saw an awful LOT of those on our motorcycle trip through the Canadian Rockies over the last two weeks!  The joke was told a few times along the way.....while coincidentally a paper came to my attention during that trip, reporting how scientists have determined that all living animals, even insects, have a Consciousness - suggesting that we may want to take another look at how we relate to them.  How interesting - science is truly catching up to spirituality.
Haven't you ever wondered if your pet really understands what you are saying or even feeling, because he/she reacts so appropriately to your own emotions or words?  They 'say' that dogs may ultimately be more intelligent than we are, because they can 'learn' and understand the words we teach them in training, while we do not even attempt to learn THEIR language!  Are we capable of it?  If we think it's below us....does that make us actually less intelligent for not even attempting it?  ;-)
I'd like to take that consciousness further, to include plants....who turn toward the sun for the needed energy, or seem to sway to and fro to the music of the wind.  We are all of One Consciousness.....all One of the Universe, with different roles to play in the whole scheme of things. We are doing our part just by respecting this....and giving thanks for those lower in the food chain that give their lives so that we may continue to bring the world forward in other ways. 
Ultimately, I give thanks for you, for taking the time to read this, and giving just a thought to the beauty and graciousness of this world we live in - within a Universal Consciousness that we share with all living things......until it will be shared with them in another realm, in another, deeper way!
Love to you, in all you do.