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The Medium Gets a Spiritual 'Heads Up'

I have been paying a lot of loving attention to my new android tablet.....it's been so much fun to discover the different applications for it - and quickly have made it a part of my every-day life.  The original intention in purchasing this amazing gem, was for use within my Dragonphli business, to be one of the ways to accept credit cards with the Square Reader -as well as to put up my website to show at psychic fairs, and especially for skype type readings when face-to-face readings may not be possible. 
Spirit made it possible for me to do this - throwing the funds in my lap when requested for this specific 'need'  (over a month ago).....so I shouldn't have been TOO surprised to get a wake up call from spirit on the tablet last night, after using it for only my own personal use?
I  have NEVER had any problem with this wonderful tablet.  Last night, however, I was staying up late, 'playing' on it - when at one point 'someone' caught my eye, feeling then seeing a form next to me.  Although home alone, I saw someone out of the corner of my eye, standing next to me, as if looking at the screen to see what I was doing.  I looked up and suddenly no one was there - but I had definitely already seen them.  The corresponding chills told me that this visitor was truly not just imagined.
Suddenly.... the tablet refused to respond to my touch....I knew something was different when I couldn't feel the screen...as if something was between my fingers and the tablet screen!  I shut the tablet down, with the 'reboot' attitude that works with my laptop, but the tablet just laughed at this effort, coming back up only to ignore me.
At 2:30 a.m. I gave it up - time to go to bed, anyway - and shut it down, plugged the tablet into the wall to recharge, and prepared to go to bed.  About ten minutes later....I was finally in bed, relaxed, and closed my eyes to sleep.  
'Brrrrrrriiiiiiiinnnnggggggggg!!!'   ????  My tablet, isolated on the kitchen table, sang out as it turned itself on. Did I really hear that??  Curiosity got the better of me, so I got up, stumbling into the kitchen, to find the tablet screen brightly lit.  I see that the tablet had indeed turned itself ON, and opened up the 'Draw Something' program! I had NOT been trying to work with that program earlier when it had stopped functioning. (The Draw Something program is a clean slate in which you are supposed to draw a picture to depict one of the three words given, - for someone you play with on line, to guess what that word is, to receive points used to purchase items for use in the game).
(BY THE WAY.....The difficult process to turn this tablet on involves an inverted button on the back side of the unit, that must be pressed very hard, for a good number of seconds to work. This cannot be turned on easily - or by accident!)
Upon seeing the Draw Something slate, I tried to hit the 'back arrow' to get out of the program but it ignored me.  Rather than stand there in the dark, I took the tablet back to my bedroom to look at this phenomenon comfortably, with the help of my night light.  Without touching the screen, I sat on the end of my bed, put the tablet flat on my lap to simply LOOK at it in awe.....and then watched the screen as it sequentially put three big black dots on the screen, as if someone were touching it.  I said 'What?' out loud, wondering if I was imagining this.........then one of the dots were ERASED (a separate button and touch needed).....to then have another Large Dot appear elsewhere.  HUGE confirming chills went through my body, to announce that spirit was with me.  As I mentioned earlier - I'd acknowledged I 'saw' someone standing over me as I was on the tablet earlier - and felt that same presence with me now.  Ok, I'm a medium....but home alone, in the dark....I have to admit that I was a little freaked.
After spirit had gotten my attention, I mentally received the message that I've been losing the focus and intent that was present when the tablet was purchased....and was reminded that it is to be used ultimately for contact with spirit, and clients. I've been 'folding' too long.
Wow - message received, understood and welcomed. I DID then laughingly ask 'them' to learn how to use the keyboard please, to write out a message next time.  :-)
As I write this a LOT of ducks fly toward the window of my kottage....three different bunches of them, just missing the window and flying over the roof.  Another wake up call - as I am reminded to fly free....to soar....rather than remaining in one place for toooooo long. Again, there are no coincidences! 
A strong waft of cigar smoke now comes to me through the open window, as well....my loving Guide Arthur is with me once again, telling me I've been missed.  :-)  I can't wait to see what is coming up for me now that I"m waking up again.  Transition has been in progress.... the sleeping medium has been energetically kissed to awaken!