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A Happy Medium

Dragonphli SanctuaryA HAPPY MEDIUM                            
Well, it appears that I've been actively ignoring my spiritual business...so suddenly I find that I have inadvertently signed up for my own blog on this site.  Spirit isn't subtle when you've been too quiet, or looking the other way for too long.  Since I'd been 'directed' by them to initiate a Blog over a year ago, I'm not terribly surprised to find that they found a way to initiate it themselves to get my attention. 
'They're' not asking me to dedicate every waking moment to bringing myself within this connection to others to write about 'them'.....but they ARE simply asking me to do MORE than I've been willing to do lately - to awaken all that is still dormant within, for myself and others. 
All they're asking for is........a Happy Medium between the two, a Happy Medium that gives thanks every day for the gifts that have been awakened, a Happy Medium whose true joy is brought forward by helping others find and develop the true 'spark' of wonder within themselves.
It is this 'spark' that I will be bringing forward - the energetic 'spark' that brought me into this body, and will continue with me when I leave.  It is your own 'spark' that you share with me, within readings, for a reflection of your soul....to help you to untangle those many things that become difficult to sort out, due to the many directions possible to take.  Sometimes all those 'possibilities' try to come to the surface to call your attention to them at once, so things become muddled. 
It is the most important aspect of yourself that comes forward to me....from your own soul, from your loving guides connected to you, and sometimes from loved ones who have messages to share....all simply to help you get back on the path to continue your own journey. 
It is your journey that must be taken one day at a time - one hour at a time - one minute at a time.  But.... more about that......tomorrow!  For today, however, I hope that you find your own Happy Medium within yourself   -  giving thanks for your own gifts, your own day, and finding your own joy, on this beautiful July morning.
Your comments and suggestions are welcomed - it would be great to hear from you.  It is possible that if questions are brought forth I will publish them here, in answer.  Let's see where this takes us!
Love to you, in all you do.