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We can prepare a group event to suit a variety of budgets and tastes. Our most popular events are shown below. Please call, email, or ask questions within the Contact Us page for more information on how a group event may be tailored for your own custom options and needs.  Other options are available - please call (616) 826-4511, today.
Ticket to Spirituality Personalized Just for you!  Create your own party with readings or healing to be held at Dragonphli Sanctuary, for  up to 12 participants for some events - no muss, no fuss, just Divine Energy for all to enjoy! 
Suggested  options:
Light from within1.) Private 30 minute readings for your group of 3 to 8, in my officeBring your party food and drinks to my office - plenty of room! No muss, no fuss!
$40 each.
Tarot cards picture2.) Especially for larger groups: Private 15 minute Energetic or Tarot card readings, bringing forth the divine quickly and easily, every time. 
$20 each.
Sanctuary Healing 3.) Sanctuary Healing :  Treat yourselves to a private 15 - 20 minute Sanctuary Healing.  While fully clothed, the guest lies on a massage table, while healing music, incense and candles keep the Divine Energy high within the room.  With a gentle massage along the spine, your energy centers are balanced, your energy restored, and any areas that require healing are cleared and blessed.  This is a relaxing, energetically soothing meeting with the Divine that everyone will experience on a deep level.  Offered for groups at only $20 per person.
Spiritual candle4.) Past Life Face Candle Readings: (Transfiguration)
This can be a private, individual reading for each guest, or done in a group setting, for all participants to have the opportunity to see the faces come forward and stories unfold.  The past life will show itself, and give me information about that lifetime.  Usually limited to one or two prior lives per person, as it can be draining without proper preparation for the participant.
Many have said that the information brought forward answers many questions about important issues within this lifetime, or has brought a deeper understanding as to why they are working with specific gifts.
Group rate of $25 per person.

Triangles - event image
Designed ESPECIALLY for your Group Event to be held at the Dragonphli Sanctuary offices for up to 12 participants. You can now have your own affordable Psychic Party with little preparation! (See also the Dragonphli Diamond Event below)
The Divine Triangle includes:
1. First: Individual 20 minute readings - time is limited due to group sessions that are included, but you will have plenty of quality time with your guides, to have your soul reflected, your questions answered and / or healing given for peace within.
2. Second: A group lesson in either Automatic Writing, Using a Pendulum, How Psychic Are You or Meditation 101.  New classes are created all the time, please ask for list. Each would either include or end in a guided group meditation.
3. Third: A final group session, in which Kath will go into deep trance, presenting her Gatekeeper Arthur Ford, Paladians, or another Divine Group to talk to you directly. Alternatively, you may choose to have the group Past Life Candle Readings, outlined above.
Cost: $75 per person for small groups of 3 to 6 people, or only $65 per person for groups of 7 to 12.  
Please call for more information! (616) 826-4511
Diamond Event imageAn Exclusive DRAGONPHLI DIAMOND Event - More Information
Schedule one to suit your groups individual tastes.
FOUR Energetic, Spiritual Sessions within an event, over five hours, for an amazing price of only $95 per person! Ask for possible combination of sessions.
(Note: duration of event is approximately 4 1/2 to 5+ hours, depending on number of participants within each event.)
Divinely inspired, brought forward for your enlightenment and joy...you were meant to spend an afternoon of energy work for your soul.  Gather your own group of 4 to 8 people for an afternoon you will not forget.
Consult with your guides - they will confirm - You will  NOT be disappointed.
To ensure that each individual receives the highest level Spiritual and Energetic experience, only 8 participants will be allowed within each day's session. Make this a Special Day with  your spouse and/or  friends. Find five other people to make it your very own! (See class options for your individual group, below.)
Location: Dragonphli Sanctuary Offices
(See Contacts or Driving Directions, above left column)
What is the Dragonphli Diamond Event?
The four corners of the Dragonphli Diamond will bring you to higher levels of spiritual understanding.  The afternoon will include:
 1. A guided group meditation, to bring everyone's Higher Self forward, and energetically begin the intention to learn what it is that you need to know at this time to bring you forward.
Diamond Participation2.  A class may be chosen from the new classes that have been created! A list of classes will be given. Each are meant to be understood and enjoyed by anyone wishing to understand their path, or then energies that work within us all! 
Diamond Participation 3.  After the group lesson, individual 20 minute readings  will take place for each of the participants, while others are given material to read and review, or simply take a break in the common area together. 
 4. Finally, Kath Van will go into a deep trance to channel either her Gatekeeper Arthur, the Paladians, or another Archetype, to speak to the group - who will be answering questions directly from the other side through Kath. This is an amazing experience that you do not want to miss!
Call today, to discuss how your Dragonphli Diamond Event and workshop could be put together for your special group. 
Kath Van  @  (616) 826-4511 will help you to plan a truly unique event for your special interests.