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  - Gift Certificates are now available on line, to purchase for your friends, family, or to treat yourself!   

 - Your Credit Card or Apple Pay information may be securely entered on the Dragonphli / Square payment page, by clicking on the gift image to the left.   (Also still always available in Office) 

 - Upon entering the certificate page, you will be asked to choose the design for your gift certificate, then to CONTINUE to give YOUR email address for your conformation of payment to be sent.  You will also enter your recipient’s name and email address for notification, your credit card or apple pay details, and most importantly, a MESSAGE to be delivered on the certificate.   All custom designed by you! 

 - After your payment is processed, the lucky recipient will receive an email notification immediately, or upon another date that you specify and a link to redeem their gift card.  Within the initial email, they are given a redemption code to use to see their gift certificate or they may use their email, as well.  They will then be able to see the entire gift certificate, and print it out for redemption, or do a phone screen print to show from their phone after making their appointment. Just a few clicks, and they’re golden - and happy!

 - Alternately, YOU may wish to print out the redemption certificate instead, to enclose in your own card sent for the special occasion. 

 - Please DO explain to your recipient that Dragonphli Sanctuary is open by appointment only, so that they can plan for their reading, and are not disappointed. 

 - Just click on the gift image above, to be taken to a separate Dragonphli Sanctuary page for Square payment and follow the directions.  Gift Certificates are still always available at my office, of course, as well!