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7 Major Chakras
How they can help you to heal yourself! 
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What are the 7 Major energetic chakras within us, and what do they do? 
Each chakra has a purpose, and energy that effects all other chakras in your body - and when one is 'out of sorts' the others may be able to pick up the slack, or often simply go out of balance! 
This class will help you to understand the names, physical location, purposes, and area of the body they govern, as well as how they can create or heal mental and emotional issues, or even physical dysfunctions.  You will learn which gemstones stimulate, cleanse and energize each chakra, as well as what foods fuel them and what chakra exercises will stimulate them!
Class booklet will be your reference to take home with you, for your own chakra healings.
Don't miss out on this class! 
Cost:  $ 25 - includes great class booklet